Monday, May 17, 2010

A BIG Spider!!

One night, Zach runs into the living room in a panic, and tells Matt to "come quick" there's a HUGE Spider in the family room behind the computer. We all head in there to check it out and sure enough there is a HUGE spider there. I grabbed the camera to take a pic before the killing begins and then left! Matt grabbed a bat and a can of bug spray. First he tried to hit it with the bat. He missed, it made the spider angry and it reared back in attack mode. You should have heard the screams. It then ran a bit further behind the desk! That's when Matt used an entire can of bug spray to kill the ran again and this time he got it with the bat!
How I wish I would have got the whole scene on video. It was pure chaos and had us all laughing like crazy! There's never a dull moment here in Africa!

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