Friday, September 19, 2008


Pula is the Setswana word for rain. This is a chant that is done here in Botswana, like after someone makes a speech, they say, PULA, PULA, PULA and everyone joins in.
In this desert nation rain is a vital resource. It means life. The rainy season here is very short. Only a few months, usually, Nov., Dec. and Jan. though it can start a little earlier or go a little later. We are waiting in great anticipation for the first rain. Everything is so dusty, dry, and dirty. The air is hazy with dust and every morning there is always a fine layer of dust over everything.(thanks to the dirt road we live on)
This is a major contrast for us, coming from the rain capital of the world, Washington State. We love how green and lush Washington is but have come to love some things that only come from living in a desert nation. The kids keep talking about loving the smell of the first rain. How you can even smell it in the air before it gets here. The fun of running out in a torential rainfall, being scared by the first thunder and lightning strike and running inside to not get struck by it! Opening the windows to let the coolness in even while it's still raining. Running to unplug all the appliences and computors when a storm comes, then sitting, listening and watching as the wind, thunder, and lightening hits.
These are things we love about our life here in Botswana, and are so glad for the memories that we will always have when we smell that first rain in the air, no matter where in the world we are!


Kristy said...

I think rainstorms are pretty fun actually......

feb said...

i found your description of the storms there namibia we got rain and lightning...but not a great deal of thunder or stormy weather...the rains here are supposed to begin in nov and continue through april...should be interesting...fredna