Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The boys start their 3rd and last term at school tomorrow. We let them grow their hair out during their one month break and they were really shaggy!! There are rules at the schools here on how long boys hair should be. In Francistown it had to be over the ears and above the collar. You would definately hear from the headmaster or teacher if your hair was not regulation! The school the boys attened now is not as strict and Elliott has been wearing his hair longer because of it. But even he thought he needed a haircut...wish I would have taken a before and after shot...
They are both getting older and think they need a "style" now. Zach took a picture of Zac Efron from High School Musical, to show the stylist how he wanted his hair cut!
Wish I would have had a camera because there were monkeys playing on the grounds of the hotel where we get our hair cut! They were so cute and fun to watch! And by the way..we get out hair cut at the fanciest place in Gabs and it only costs around 15 dollars!!

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