Thursday, October 2, 2008


Last week Hannah and I were driving somewhere and I talking about going home for furlough. I was telling her that I have been praying for her and Zach to be filled with the Holy Spirit when we get home. She responded very openly.

This Sunday at church our pastor, spoke on the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. At the end of his message he asked all those seeking the Baptism to come forward to pray and for those that had already been filled to come and stand behind them. As Matt and I started to walk forward, Hannah moved quickly to walk with us. She walked straight up front to pray and be prayed for. I have to admit I was surprised and shedding a few tears as I watched her, hands raised, seeking after the Lord. This was a HUGE step for her. We are always the only white people out of about 200 people at church every week. Everyone knows us there and we are no longer stared at which is nice, but as a teenager you are self conscience by nature, and don't like to be or look different or be the center of attention. When you are one of only 5 white people there and are blond haired at that, you are going to stick out!! She didn't care, she was wanting all that God had for her.

She wasn't filled in that service but made a huge step forward in so many areas. She is learning to step out in faith and learning to hear God as He speaks to her. She is still praying and believing God to fill her.

We are so excited and encouraged about this. There is nothing as exciting as seeing your children loving and serving God!! We are expecting GREAT things while we are home on furlough and our kids are in church services in their own language and culture. It's going to be an awesome year!!

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Kristy said...

That is awesome. She looks so beautiful and grown up.